Final Mission


You have fought hard against the mentions of Hell, but they do not stop. Now the higher-ups have discovered that there was more than one Icon, and this ones the mother of them all. You are sent to the newly built base that has the latest portal generator developed by the UAC. One that won't let nothing in from Hell, maybe not even you. It may be a one-way mission, they can't just open the gate for anyone.

When you arrive though; everyone is dead, or walking dead. And it looks like you have to open the portal and end the biggest Icon of Sin they have every seen.



TitleFinal Mission - Download
Latest Release1.0 - Feb 24, 2017 - Change Log
Primary PurposeSingle-Player Level
Source PortZDoom supports ZDoom derivatives
Other MODsStand-alone
Tested WithZDoom 2.8.1 (works as expected)
GZDoom 2.3.2 (works as expected plus additional aesthetics)
QZDoom 1.2.2 (encounters aesthetic engine bugs)
Support Game-playSingle-player (designed for)
Co-op Multi-player (has start positions)
Deathmatch Multi-player (has start positions)
EditorsGZDoom Builder (map editor)
SLADE3 (general-purpose WAD editor)